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Bethlehem - knowledge of car TV

The so-called car, of course, refers to the products that can be used in the automobile or similar sports tools, which are convenient for use in the automobile movement. The most common ones are car MP3, MP4, GPS, car DVD, car hard disk machine, car power supply, car refrigerator, car massager, car computer, car TV. Vehicle hard disk machine, etc.

Vehicle TV is simply the mobile reception of digital TV (different from digital TV), mainly including set-top box, LCD, antenna, vehicle power supply, etc. In order to facilitate the installation and use, we have developed a variety of vehicle mobile TV products, such as desktop vehicle TV, baffle vehicle TV and top suction vehicle TV.

The mobile digital signal adopts the most advanced dttbigital television terminal broadcasting technology in the world (i.e. terrestrial digital television broadcasting system, which is one of the three modes of digital television transmission). The transmission of TV programs is carried out by means of wireless digital signal transmission and ground receiving. All means of transportation (such as rail transit, water bus, automobile, etc.) in the mobile or people flow gathering and distributing places (such as stations, docks, various shopping and leisure places, etc.) eager to reach can receive all kinds of digital TV information exclusively provided for mobile TV station as long as the corresponding receiving equipment is installed and the LCD screen of appropriate size is relied on. Car TV is placed on the car to watch TV.

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